UPC DTH uses Customer Insights

Best opportunity to sell & retain customers

logo UPC DTHKeeping and growing your customers is key when you are selling TV products. UPC DTH, the Luxembourg based provider of Direct to Home TV in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia reached out to TopBI to help them get their Customer Insights. “With Customer Insights, we get a full picture of the activity in our database, not just the net outcome. It’s like sitting next to them on their couch!”


“Currently, we can see what we sell and via which channel” says Jim Helfgott, VP Marketing & Sales. “But we do not know what kind of customer we are selling to. Nor can we tell which customers are leaving us and whether that profile is consistent in all our markets.”


The Direct to Home TV market is highly competitive, so companies are continuously looking for ways to stay ahead of the others. Having hard facts on churn and upsell of their customer groups is key for UPC DTH to improve marketing and sales programs. The problem was: how do you translate installation data to meaningful and actionable insights?


TopBI used their best practices to develop Customer Insights dashboards, providing KPI’s such as sales, upsell and churn rates. In close collaboration with the marketers and sales reps of UPC DTH, TopBI delivered easy to use and interactive reports, showing country trends and cross market comparisons on all these KPIs.


Jim Helfgott, VP Marketing & Sales at UPC DTH, Luxembourg“We now have a full view of the customer groups who are most likely to churn so we can start focusing on delivering ‘spot-on’ products to them and reduce our churn.  Also, we can begin to understand the customer movement trends and where we have the best opportunity to sell and retain customers.
And that is exactly what we needed!”

Jim Helfgott, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, UPC DTH